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Save the Seagrass Sticker

Save the Seagrass Sticker

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Seagrass loss isn’t a phenomenon most people are concerned about. However, with 72 species evolving nearly 100 million years ago, it’s one of the most productive ecosystems on earth with several ecological benefits.

For instance, seagrass helps prevent erosion along coastlines prone to hurricanes and other extreme weather events. They’re also natural filters, removing harmful nutrients and sediments from runoff as they enter coastal waters.

Perhaps most important, seagrass resembles an underwater meadow, serving as a habitat and food source for aquatic and endangered species, including the manatee.

Manatees are Florida's official state marine mammal,

and are currently listed as a threatened species, largely due to human activity. Unfortunately due to algal blooms, seagrasses have been dying off in large numbers. This loss of seagrass has lead to an unusually large number of manatee malnutrition and deaths in recent years. The good news is that with more awareness, we can do our part to help protect these beautiful animals and their delicate ecosystems. 

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