Longleaf Pine Exchange was born out of our shared passion for all things nature. Our desire is to connect humans with the natural world, local communities, and talented makers near and far. We are two renaissance women, mother and daughter, who have been small business owners and makers our entire adult lives. We've walked the edge of canyons, slept under the stars, swam rivers and oceans, and traveled through every state in the country. We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit that drives creatives to live differently, experientially, and connected to others and the natural world.

Why Longleaf Pine? It's a symbol of something great that has nearly vanished. It's a keystone species of the Southeastern United States. It's the tree that built the South. Longleaf Pine forests once blanketed the Southeast from Virginia to Florida to Texas, towering over the forest at over 100' tall. The needles grow over 12" long, hence its name. Like an interlacing web - a community - the Longleaf Pine ecosystem supports over 1,000 plant and animal species. Humans all but destroyed this massive pine through shipbuilding and farming. We want to celebrate and bring awareness to this community that is slowly being restored, just like our own connections to each other and the natural world.

We see the world is changing and we are all the change makers. We are always striving for better.

We are the online partner of our brick-and-mortar shop, Wild. Root. Coffee & Apothecary, located in historic Lynn Haven, Florida. We hope you enjoy our curated collection of nature-inspired gifts, home goods, and handmade items. For more information about herbs and plants, follow our YouTube channel at @wildrootlife.

Jordan and Chandra