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Elderberry - Sambucus nigra 

Elderberries are a well known and highly utilized herb in both Western and Eastern herbalism. Elderberries have diaphoretic and diuretic properties, therefore they are commonly used to regulate water metabolism, and may also be used as a purgative. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they are considered to be highly efficient at boosting immunity, Clearing Heat, and treating cold and flu like symptoms. In Western herbalism, elderberries are used to treat inflammation, constipation, colds and flus, respiratory congestion, and more. Elderberries have a sweet, nutty flavor and can be digested in many ways: they can be made into preserves, wines, syrups, teas, and in dishes that call for raisins. They may be boiled into a syrup, mixed with hot water, and drank as a tea for regular supplementation. 


1 oz.

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