Barberry Root

Barberry Root

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Barberry Root - Berberis vulgaris 

In Western herbal medicine, barberry root is known as one of the best liver tonics, because of its mildness. It is cold, bitter, and regarded as an herb that clears Heat and dispels dampness. It is most commonly utilized in herbal medicine for jaundice, hepatitis, and diabetes. The root of barberry has hepatic properties, while the berries have laxative and refrigerant properties. Modern studies reveal that barberry root is high in certain alkaloids, which may help with lowering cholesterol and increasing vasodilation; these alkaloids can also produce anti-myocardial ischemia and antiarrhythmic effects. In traditional Iranian medicine, it is implemented both orally and topically to cure many hepatic dysfunctions, as well as toothache, eye sores, asthma, and inflammation.*


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